Leading Authority of the Sinhala Language

Desamanya Prof. J.B. Disanayaka

Emeritus Professor of Sinhala, Desamanya J. B. Disanayaka, occupies a prominent place among the Sinhala scholars in contemporary Sri Lanka.  He was conferred with the highest natinal honour of Desamānya in 2005. Prof. Disanayaka retired from the University of Colombo in 2002, after a long and distinguished career as the Senior Professor of Sinhala. In 2007, he was appointed as the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Thailand and served as a diplomat for four years.

Throughout his professional career – first as Professor of Sinhala, and then as an Ambassador- Prof. Disanayaka’s renownin linguistics attracted the attention of academic and public domains. He has had a major influence on Sinhala language and grammar, and a significant effect on a range of other areas from culture to journalism, children’s literature to language technology.